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What is SAP C4C?

The SAP cloud CRM gives customers the full planning of sales force automation capabilities that they have to proficiently manage accounts, make the opportunity, monitor all phases of the business procedure, and close deals.

Advantages of SAP C4C

Following are the advantages of using C4C administration
• One of the key advantages of utilizing SAP C4C is its activity use cost and operation maintenance.
• You can take licenses according to your prerequisite and it can be expanded on request.
• SAP C4C solution is overseen by the merchant and every single operational cost and maintenance is the seller's duty.
• SAP C4C solution enables you to oversee client needs from anyplace and with seven-layer security from cloud specialist organizations.
• You can get all client data in any case where they are put away or accessible.
• SAP C4C depends on cloud and utilize secure and quick communication utilizing the web, mobile and supporting mobile platforms iOS, Android, and Windows devices, in both online and offline mode.

SAP C4C – Project Implementation

As a part of SAP C4C, there are different exercises, which you have to perform under task implementation. We will examine a portion of the key exercises here.

Planning Phase

The initial phase of implementation is set up the system. This incorporates making system administrator for execution, perusing of C4C system, characterizing relocation techniques for information from on introducing to the cloud system, and so forth.

Fine Tuning

According to the extent of a venture, calibrating includes performing customization in SAP ECC on-premise system to perform configuration and set up your modifying according to the task scope. It incorporates making clients and business parts, characterizing association structure and administration rules, and so on.

Data Migration and Integration

Data Migration and Integration incorporates performing manual data migration by utilizing default formats cloud framework. If there should be an occurrence of integration is in scope at that point perform beginning data load from the on-premise source system to cloud system.


In the Test stage, you perform unit, Data test, regression, and so on.

Go Live

Go Live work center incorporates exercises like client enablement. SAP C4C administrator is empowered who deals with the everyday task and bolster exercises before it goes live. When this is done, you can set the system to Live.



SAP C4C – Organizational Management

Organizational Management (OM) gives the central source of hierarchical data in SAP C4C. It is utilized for making the organizational structure and gives a graphical portrayal of an association diagram. Furthermore, it demonstrates the distinctive elements and parts of the organization. SAP Cloud for Customers gets to OM at whatever point business forms require data identified with the organization's association.

To set up a right association structure, you ought to take after-

•    Time Dependency:

All the data put away is time-dependent, as you have to enter a legitimate from and to date.

•    Active Version versus Planning Version:

You can likewise choose between the planning version and the active version of the authoritative data.

•    Consistency Checks:

You can play out a few checks, which help in keeping up OM constantly.

•    Partial Activation:

You can likewise initiate a hierarchical structure in parts while proceeding to work with different parts.

SAP C4C Organizational Structure

An association can be organized in various routes in view of the objectives and targets and it characterizes the modes in which an association works. The organizational structure set up characterizes the reporting lines and automatic work distribution.
Setting up an organizational structure empowers automated directing of work, for example, leads, records, and administration demands. The hierarchical structure involves units and gives a brought together, a graphical portrayal of your organization's authoritative information.
Choose whether-
•    You need to disperse the work in light of your organization's structure.
•    You have made or uploaded representative and product data.
•  You have assembled every one of the information important to the authoritative administration, for example, the lawful, administrative, and functional data of your endeavor.
When you set up a hierarchical structure, it is constantly suggested you take the top-down approach, i.e., begin with organization home and include the business lines, sales, and service team.


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